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Issue no. 4, December 2022
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These 'knowledge pills' cover the main areas of interest within the project, including user experience & adaptability, technology developments, clinical practicalities, and vision & outreach. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can now easily scan the newsletter to get what you need.

So, without further ado, let’s check out what’s been happening in Gravitate Health!
Knowledge Pill #1 – User Experience & Adaptability


Authors from the Gravitate Health consortium have presented a multi-phased plan that deep dives into user needs and behaviours across all stages of patient journeys.
Discover the paper that identifies and highlights relevant patterns in stakeholder and end-user segments at each touchpoint, and discusses tools for co-creation process.


This Gravitate Health report presents results related to possible end-user interfaces that cover the baseline G-lens functionalities necessary to test the needs of a minimum viable product. The visual mock-up outputs represent a valuable and powerful shared set of objects meant to help further engage with end-users and validate for evidence gathering.


This Gravitate Health report presents results obtained from activities aimed at establishing a knowledge base of health educational materials, collecting and aggregating materials from trusted sources and providing a theoretical framework that could allow for different presentations of the content to end-users and possibly support G-lens in enriching its focused and reliable information database.
Knowledge Pill #2 – Technology Developments
Discover the joint statement issued by Gravitate Health and European Medicines Agency (EMA) about our collaboration and alignment regarding the EU Electronic Product Information Common Standard and what it could mean for developing in terms of interoperability and standardised means of exchanging trusted product information.
Take a look at this presentation by Juan Garcia-Burgos (Head of Public Engagement Department, European Medicines Agency) who contributed to discussions held during the DIA Europe 2022 panel session “Gravitate Health: putting ePI to work in the patient journey to drive better use of medicines”.
Knowledge Pill #3 – Clinical Practicalities
Do not miss the first interactive prototype of a potential user experience of the G-lens (the digital tool under development by Gravitate Health to help patients better adhere to medications). The clickable link will open the demo in a web browser for you to browse the entire visual mock-up as if it were via a mobile device.
Knowledge Pill #4 – Vision & Outreach
Gravitate Health’s Project Lead Dr Giovanna Ferrari (Pfizer) joined representatives from other European-funded projects and industry at online event Digital Health Society Summit to discuss the challenges in access, use and re-use of health data and practical examples of approaches undertaken to overcome such difficulties.
Building on lessons learned from initial stakeholder outreach experiences, this Gravitate Health report presents insights about how best the consortium members can engage with targeted audiences to promote a more effective co-creation process when developing the desired digital tool—the G-lens.
Upcoming Events
Would you like to learn more about related events for Gravitate Health? Take a look at Upcoming Events to either join or follow us in action!
Digital Health & Wellness Summit (DHWS2023) - as part of 4YFN & MWC | 27 Feb. - 02 March 2023 | Barcelona, Spain

DIA Europe 2023: Advancing Health Priorities | 22-24 March 2023 | Basel, Switzerland

HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition (HIMSS23) | 17-21 April 2023 | Chicago, IL, USA

Medical Informatics Europe 2023 (MIE 2023): “Caring is Sharing - Exploiting Value in Data for Health and Innovation" | 22-25 May 2023 | Gothenburg, Sweden

HIMSS23 European Health Conference & Exhibition: “Health that Connects + Tech that Cares” | 07-09 June 2023 | Lisbon, Portugal

Health Technology Assessment International - HTAi 2023 Annual Meeting | 24-28 June 2023 | Adelaide, Australia

MedInfo World Congress on Medical Informatics, 19th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics - MedInfo 2023 | 08-12 July 2023 | Sydney, Australia
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Consortium Meeting in Athens
Working towards Gravitate Health's goals in the 2nd face-to-face consortium meeting, Dec. 15-16 2022...
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Gravitate Health under the lens - Issue no. 4, Dec. 2022
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